No Coincidences

This is me sending the final, final (I think??) correspondence of the surrogacy over to the royal courts of London that will officially grant full parentage to Vivianne and David over baby Clara. You see, despite their names being listed as the parents on her birth certificate and my having zero claim to this child in … Continue reading No Coincidences


Closing up Shop

Baby Clara is six weeks old. Vivianne and David have been in touch a bit since they went back home, though not nearly as much as before – their hands are understandably full. I suspect, however, that we’ll be in touch for life. It feels as though they’ve become family. I really didn’t know what … Continue reading Closing up Shop

V’yikareh Shema B’Yisrael: And Let Her Name in Israel Be…

When I first became a mother more than ten years ago, I took on the practice of lighting an extra Shabbat candle for my daughter. On our first trip to Israel together as a family, when she was just three months old, we went to see our friends at the Baltinester Judaica shop in Jerusalem. … Continue reading V’yikareh Shema B’Yisrael: And Let Her Name in Israel Be…

All Packed Up

My hospital bag is packed. I’ve got the requisite comfy clothing, toiletries, snack food, possibly a beer… and the pre-birth order that was just approved, mandating that Vivianne and David be listed as the parents on the baby’s birth certificate. Those aren’t actually their real names, though. We agreed to use different ones for the … Continue reading All Packed Up