But Won’t You Get Attached?

People ask lots of questions when they hear about my surrogacy. This doesn’t bother me. For the most part, the questions come from a place of curiosity and just wanting to learn about this genuinely odd thing I’m doing that is far from commonplace. One of the most frequent questions I get is, “But won’t … Continue reading But Won’t You Get Attached?


Unexpected Convos with my 4-Year Old

When I first started this process, I decided I didn’t want to say anything about it to the kids until I became pregnant, when it felt like there would actually be something to share. I knew they’d be excited but also a little unsure of how they’d react and if the transfer didn’t work, or … Continue reading Unexpected Convos with my 4-Year Old

Achievement Unlocked (Tomorrow, Anyway)

Milestone (nearly) achieved: I’m celebrating wherever I can these days, and this seems like a big one. Tomorrow night officially marks 12 weeks’ gestation, a.k.a. my LAST NIGHT OF SHOTS. Yes, every.single.day since I started writing this blog on December 11, I have had at least one, if not more, needles going into my body. … Continue reading Achievement Unlocked (Tomorrow, Anyway)

Moving Forward

After sharing the news of the interesting turn my journey has taken, here’s what you responded with: Offers of food Actual food A note in the Kotel Offers to watch my kids Prayers (complete with my Hebrew name) Offers of flowers, sushi, or chocolate Love A pussyhat Facebook comments Facebook private messages Text messages Rallying … Continue reading Moving Forward

Breathing… Lots of Deep Breaths

I’ve been quiet lately, I know. Passing out most nights at 8:30 pm is not so conducive to blogging. But there’s another reason too. Deep breath. Here we go… Remember one of my first posts when I spoke with my doctor about the importance of not being matched with a couple who has the same … Continue reading Breathing… Lots of Deep Breaths