The Results are in…

It’s confirmed… there is a very miniature British person inside my uterus – I’m officially pregnant! This morning I had my first beta test – that’s when they check for the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in my blood. When the clinic called to give me the good news they said they hope to … Continue reading The Results are in…


How Incredibly Rare

After they accepted my application, the agency told me they had a couple in mind who they thought could be a good match. So they asked if I might be interested in doing a second surrogacy journey in the future with the same intended parents, provided the first one went well. Whoa, whoa, whoa – I … Continue reading How Incredibly Rare

And Sarah Laughed

... We interrupt this blog to bring you a piece by the other half of this equation, Jamie, without whose support this whole endeavor would be impossible... Most everyone has a file labeled “Bills,” one labeled “Insurance,” one “Mortgage,” and so on. I’ve got those. And I’ve got one labeled “Surrogacy.” I was actually going to … Continue reading And Sarah Laughed

All Systems Go

I think I’m somewhat surprised to say it, but since I started back up on the Lupron, everything has gone according to plan. I returned for another monitoring appointment after they pushed everything back by a week (a combination of bloodwork and an ultrasound) and everything looked just how it was supposed to. I passed my … Continue reading All Systems Go

The Application Process

I decided to go for it. Hopping over to the website of the agency that my friend Shira used to find her surrogate, I filled out an initial application with the basics: height (5'6"), weight (none of your beeswax), number of pregnancies and deliveries (3 of each); I'm married, have health insurance, and am not a … Continue reading The Application Process

When I Knew I Wanted In

October 21, 2015: two and a half weeks after I came up with this crazy idea, I found myself getting a drink with a woman named Shira, who I met through my friends at Uprooted: A Jewish Communal Response to Fertility Journeys. I contacted them to see if they knew any surrogates who could help … Continue reading When I Knew I Wanted In