Closing up Shop

Baby Clara is six weeks old. Vivianne and David have been in touch a bit since they went back home, though not nearly as much as before – their hands are understandably full. I suspect, however, that we’ll be in touch for life. It feels as though they’ve become family. I really didn’t know what … Continue reading Closing up Shop


And They’re Off

Last night was intense. Last night was surreal. Last night felt like peeling off a band-aid. Very, very slowly. We started by picking them up at their top-floor walkup apartment in Everett. The place where Vivianne and David, and then baby Clara (more on that in a minute) lived since their arrival in the US … Continue reading And They’re Off

All Packed Up

My hospital bag is packed. I’ve got the requisite comfy clothing, toiletries, snack food, possibly a beer… and the pre-birth order that was just approved, mandating that Vivianne and David be listed as the parents on the baby’s birth certificate. Those aren’t actually their real names, though. We agreed to use different ones for the … Continue reading All Packed Up

This Fetus is Kicking My Ass

Bringing you a follow-up to the original husband post, this time from his very own blog, Mental Health Safe Space. Click the link below this excerpt to read the post in its entirety, and poke around while you're there. It's well-worth the read, in my completely unbiased opinion.   By Jamie Bornstein This fetus is … Continue reading This Fetus is Kicking My Ass

But Won’t You Get Attached?

People ask lots of questions when they hear about my surrogacy. This doesn’t bother me. For the most part, the questions come from a place of curiosity and just wanting to learn about this genuinely odd thing I’m doing that is far from commonplace. One of the most frequent questions I get is, “But won’t … Continue reading But Won’t You Get Attached?