And They’re Off

Last night was intense. Last night was surreal. Last night felt like peeling off a band-aid. Very, very slowly. We started by picking them up at their top-floor walkup apartment in Everett. The place where Vivianne and David, and then baby Clara (more on that in a minute) lived since their arrival in the US … Continue reading And They’re Off


V’yikareh Shema B’Yisrael: And Let Her Name in Israel Be…

When I first became a mother more than ten years ago, I took on the practice of lighting an extra Shabbat candle for my daughter. On our first trip to Israel together as a family, when she was just three months old, we went to see our friends at the Baltinester Judaica shop in Jerusalem. … Continue reading V’yikareh Shema B’Yisrael: And Let Her Name in Israel Be…

Can Jews be Surrogates?

A quick update on where things stand since my last post… Yes, I definitely got ahead of myself. It turns out a “natural cycle” still includes twelve weeks of intramuscular progesterone injections, daily, following the embryo transfer. The doctor believes it can be normal for the Lupron I’m taking to need a little longer to … Continue reading Can Jews be Surrogates?