Can Jews be Surrogates?

A quick update on where things stand since my last post… Yes, I definitely got ahead of myself. It turns out a “natural cycle” still includes twelve weeks of intramuscular progesterone injections, daily, following the embryo transfer. The doctor believes it can be normal for the Lupron I’m taking to need a little longer to … Continue reading Can Jews be Surrogates?


First things First

There’s something about this process that’s been magnetic for me. Within two days of my first ‘surrogate’ google search, I was already heavy into researching whether this would be a good fit. The first call was to my OB, to talk it through with her and understand more about the process. Would surrogacy be feasible … Continue reading First things First

This Idea that I Had…

I used to joke that I should have someone else’s baby. I’m good at being pregnant, I thought. I get pregnant easily… I stay pregnant easily… I give birth easi fast… it just feels like something I do well. And in some sick way, I’ve enjoyed giving birth. I like hospitals… all those people coming … Continue reading This Idea that I Had…