Moving Forward

After sharing the news of the interesting turn my journey has taken, here’s what you responded with: Offers of food Actual food A note in the Kotel Offers to watch my kids Prayers (complete with my Hebrew name) Offers of flowers, sushi, or chocolate Love A pussyhat Facebook comments Facebook private messages Text messages Rallying … Continue reading Moving Forward


How Incredibly Rare

After they accepted my application, the agency told me they had a couple in mind who they thought could be a good match. So they asked if I might be interested in doing a second surrogacy journey in the future with the same intended parents, provided the first one went well. Whoa, whoa, whoa – I … Continue reading How Incredibly Rare

The Application Process

I decided to go for it. Hopping over to the website of the agency that my friend Shira used to find her surrogate, I filled out an initial application with the basics: height (5'6"), weight (none of your beeswax), number of pregnancies and deliveries (3 of each); I'm married, have health insurance, and am not a … Continue reading The Application Process