No Coincidences

This is me sending the final, final (I think??) correspondence of the surrogacy over to the royal courts of London that will officially grant full parentage to Vivianne and David over baby Clara. You see, despite their names being listed as the parents on her birth certificate and my having zero claim to this child in … Continue reading No Coincidences



If there’s one word that makes me uncomfortable as it relates to my surrogacy, it’s ‘selfless.’ I know, I know. I must seem like sour grapes, but there’s just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. Selfless. Without self. Could that really be? True, much about this process is not about me. I’m … Continue reading Selfless

This Fetus is Kicking My Ass

Bringing you a follow-up to the original husband post, this time from his very own blog, Mental Health Safe Space. Click the link below this excerpt to read the post in its entirety, and poke around while you're there. It's well-worth the read, in my completely unbiased opinion.   By Jamie Bornstein This fetus is … Continue reading This Fetus is Kicking My Ass

Contracts… All 64 Pages

With all the feel-good, change-a-couple’s-life emotion of my surrogacy so far, the truth is that I spent almost as much time on the contract phase alone than the entire time I’ve been pregnant up until this point. After my medical, psychological, and beit din screenings, and after matching with Vivianne and David, I selected an … Continue reading Contracts… All 64 Pages