We’re Having a Baby

I walked down the hall with Hannah the ultrasound tech and casually mentioned that I was a carrier for a couple in London, and just wanted to make sure it would be okay for me to have them on Skype for our first ultrasound. “Oh no,” she said. “That’s not allowed,” much to my surprise. … Continue reading We’re Having a Baby


The Results are in…

It’s confirmed… there is a very miniature British person inside my uterus – I’m officially pregnant! This morning I had my first beta test – that’s when they check for the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in my blood. When the clinic called to give me the good news they said they hope to … Continue reading The Results are in…

And Sarah Laughed

... We interrupt this blog to bring you a piece by the other half of this equation, Jamie, without whose support this whole endeavor would be impossible... Most everyone has a file labeled “Bills,” one labeled “Insurance,” one “Mortgage,” and so on. I’ve got those. And I’ve got one labeled “Surrogacy.” I was actually going to … Continue reading And Sarah Laughed

All Systems Go

I think I’m somewhat surprised to say it, but since I started back up on the Lupron, everything has gone according to plan. I returned for another monitoring appointment after they pushed everything back by a week (a combination of bloodwork and an ultrasound) and everything looked just how it was supposed to. I passed my … Continue reading All Systems Go

The Application Process

I decided to go for it. Hopping over to the website of the agency that my friend Shira used to find her surrogate, I filled out an initial application with the basics: height (5'6"), weight (none of your beeswax), number of pregnancies and deliveries (3 of each); I'm married, have health insurance, and am not a … Continue reading The Application Process

When I Knew I Wanted In

October 21, 2015: two and a half weeks after I came up with this crazy idea, I found myself getting a drink with a woman named Shira, who I met through my friends at Uprooted: A Jewish Communal Response to Fertility Journeys. I contacted them to see if they knew any surrogates who could help … Continue reading When I Knew I Wanted In

Can Jews be Surrogates?

A quick update on where things stand since my last post… Yes, I definitely got ahead of myself. It turns out a “natural cycle” still includes twelve weeks of intramuscular progesterone injections, daily, following the embryo transfer. The doctor believes it can be normal for the Lupron I’m taking to need a little longer to … Continue reading Can Jews be Surrogates?