The Results are in…

It’s confirmed… there is a very miniature British person inside my uterus – I’m officially pregnant!

This morning I had my first beta test – that’s when they check for the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in my blood. When the clinic called to give me the good news they said they hope to see any number above 50 at this many days post-transfer; my level came back at 386.6. The nurse said it was a great number – a good healthy level. So not only is this a strong showing out of the gate, but it also surpasses the threshold of “officially pregnant” as defined by my contract. Who knew – I actually could have been a little bit pregnant. But I’m not just a little bit pregnant, I’m actually, officially pregnant. With someone else’s kid. OMG.

The day after tomorrow I’ll go back in for another beta where they’ll hope to see that number roughly double from where it was today.

Before I got off the phone with the clinic they said they’d email Vivianne and David to let them know.

Not so fast, I thought… I can get to them first!

Yesterday Vivianne said to me, “If you hear anything before we do and it’s good news, you tell me. If it’s bad news, let the clinic tell me. You shouldn’t be responsible to give me any news that is not good.”

So I had the very good pleasure of telling a couple, who has tried to have a child for close to eight years, that I am pregnant with their baby. I won’t soon forget that moment.

As I shared the news, and the numbers that came back with my blood work, they were beside themselves. David was beaming. Vivianne just kept saying, “Huh – really? They said that? Really?” I wasn’t sure which part she was questioning – it was all right on track as far as I could tell. But that was just it. “I just can’t believe that everything would go as it should,” she said. “We’ve had so very many disappointments.”

And then she continued with, “I can’t believe it. We’re so grateful to you. We love you so much. Am I shouting? I think I’m shouting! I just can’t keep it in!”


8 thoughts on “The Results are in…

  1. This is so exciting…. love the details. Happy for all of you. I look forward to your posts as if I’m reading a wonderful book by a terrific writer that I can’t put down ! Feel good!😀


  2. Thank you for this, I’m considering being a gestational carrier for friends and I am inspired by the love I read your post . As someone who battled infertility myself, and thankfully beat it, I can’t imagine a greater gift than the one you are giving that couple.


  3. How beautiful!! You all have my prayers for continued good news, a healthy pregnancy, and a beautiful birth. (I was a surrogate twice for friends of mine, and once for strangers that I was matched with through an agency and I have had the absolute honor of delivering two healthy babies. (Unfortunately we experienced one miscarriage.) It is a roller coaster ride, but it is a beautiful one!)

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